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Here at Masterton Foot Clinic, we offer much more than expert, innovative foot care and a dedicated, above-and-beyond service. We give you back the enjoyment and freedom to do the things you love and surpass your goals without pain, discomfort or injury holding you back.


Adam Philps Clinical Director

This is the driving force behind everything we do – helping you realise your full potential and allow you to stride towards it. Whether you want to enjoy physical activities again without pain, run a marathon, be comfortable on your feet during a long day of work or just feel steady and confident when going for a walk with your family, we’ve got you covered.


Our highly skilled and passionate podiatry team have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of others through excellence in foot care. We operate following gold-standard protocols, implement advanced technologies, tailor every treatment to your life and goals, and stay with you every step of the way. There is nothing we want more than a happy, healthy and pain-free you.

Get to know us and our values – we live and work by them.


Adam Philps – Director & Senior Podiatrist

Special interests: Minor Surgery (ingrown nails, warts),  Foot & Lower Limb Orthotics, Neurological Conditions.

In recent years, Adam’s keen interest in neurological conditions has led him to make headway in supporting those with conditions like strokes, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. He also completed a research paper into the effects of a novel orthotic on those with unstable ankles resulting from Charcot-Marie-Tooth, helping improve their care and management for the long term. His next goal? Expanding his already comprehensive understanding of lower limb bracing and the application of both ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) and knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFOs) to further improve the daily lives of those recovering from traumatic brain injuries, or living with foot drop.

Adam’s journey into podiatry was one motivated by seeing the changes that correct foot and lower-limb care could make to people’s lives, with his own dad being a highly respected podiatrist and podiatric lecturer. Now with over 20 years of experience, Adam continues to lead Masterton Foot Clinic to be the forward-thinking clinic that it is through his drive to never stop learning. He is committed to investing in effective, evidence-based technologies, including everything from the Lunula laser to Shockwave therapy and the EXO-braces, often being the first in NZ to introduce these therapies and thereby enabling his patients to get the very best treatment outcomes. He also started the Wairarapa Ingrown Nail Clinic, a dedicated clinic for ingrown toenail care that follows the best, reliable treatment protocols and evidence to help eliminate this frustrating, painful and often recurring problem. 

Adam’s podiatric expertise extends to his own pastimes too. He is a regular gym-goer and enjoys competing in trail-running events such as the Jumbo-Holdsworth race and the Tussock Traverse Trail Run; all of which help to keep him focused, relaxed and fit.

So what can you expect when working with Adam? Aside from a whole-hearted “family man” who loves nothing more than spending time with his three kids, over-achieving wife, and dog, Tui, it’s trustworthiness. “I believe if you say you’ll do something, it’s important to follow through and do it. People place a lot of trust in you as a clinician to do your best for them – I always aim to honour this”.

Jess Laver – Podiatrist

Special interests: Caring for older adults, and those with tightness and joint restrictions impacting their mobility.

Jess’ expertise in hands-on manual therapies has seen her accelerate in the fields of treatments including foot mobilisation and tool-assisted massage for myofascial release. These techniques enable her to help a wide range of people in new ways, especially those that are unable to help themselves, and those with persisting tightness and restrictions in the foot and ankle joints.


Jess has a keen interest in working with older adults to optimise their mobility and quality of life throughout their golden years of life, though her manual therapy skills are presenting great value and benefits across all ages, especially in younger adults.


To each appointment, Jess brings a great deal of respect and kindness, and relishes in hearing stories from people from all walks of life. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk with her own personal accomplishments in fitness, with her latest pursuit being completing the 15.5km Tora walk with her family.

Ali Philps – Finance & Operations

After 20+ years across the financial, banking, health and tertiary sectors both in New Zealand and overseas, Ali has a distinct passion for excel spreadsheets. She is a current, qualified member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ).

As well as being the Finance Manager and co-owner, Ali runs the Philps household and manages their three kiddies, Margot, Barnaby and Sacha. When she gets a spare minute, she really enjoys heading to a pack class at the Hubb in Masterton.

Caroline Wilding – Receptionist

Caroline is one of the friendly faces you’ll see at our front desk. She is passionate about being part of a team aimed at enabling people to live their best lives, and being part of their journey. She loves connecting with all the people who visit the clinic and building genuine relationships.


Originally from the UK and having lived for some time in Auckland’s beach suburbs, Caroline appreciates the calm, relaxing and vibrant Masterton lifestyle. She also enjoys walking with her dogs Ashley the Spoodle and Mya the Cavoodle, sewing, socialising and exploring everything that the community has to offer.

Jannah Wyeth – Receptionist

Jannah is part of our fantastic administration team. She has a big passion for helping people, especially older adults. Coming from 20+ years of experience in customer service including a diploma in Beauty Therapy and Electrolysis, she wants every patient to feel special and satisfied with their treatments and the exceptional care they receive from the clinic.


Jannah is Masterton born and bred, and has a passion for sport – being involved with squash, tennis and netball. She also has a daughter and partner that are crazy about sport, so most of her spare time and life are taken up by sport!

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