Ingrown Toenails

When the hard toenail presses excessively against the soft skin on the edges of the nail there is usually pain. Typically, the nail presses for extended periods of time and an infection, or paronychia develops. This toenail infection is usually very painful, develops pus, and causes the end of the toe to become red and swollen.

Fix Ingrown toenails

At least half of the ingrown toenails that we treat are caused by improper cutting of nails. Many people try to cut the corners of their toenails and either cut the skin or leave a small point of nail which eventually grows into the flesh. This makes a simple problem more complicated. Nails should be cut flat across the top, and the corners should not be cut out. If you feel the need to cut the corners, consult your a podiatrist first. They may be able to offer you advise and/or treatment. In some cases, we’ll provide you with the right tools to self help yourself.

The photo here shows varying degrees of severity on ingrowing toenails. The big toenail is completely involuted (curved) on itself. The third toenail is much more similar to that seen in our clinics; slightly curved but very vulnerable to cutting the flesh as it grows forward..