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Growing up, taking off! Children’s feet start developing before birth and don’t stop growing until their early adult life. The feet and legs change greatly as kids grow – from first finding their footing, to becoming confident runners, to excelling at their chosen sports throughout school and beyond.


It can be difficult to know what’s normal throughout the years – and what could be a cause of future pains and problems. That’s where our podiatrists come in. We help look after your children’s feet and legs, so they stay healthy, happy and active as they grow, adventure, explore and play. We have been helping families for 20+ years, and use photography to monitor the changes to the feet and legs over time.


We help children with a number of problems with the feet and legs, including:



Growing Pains


Sore heels, knees or arches, especially during sport? Just when they thought the teens were hard enough, along come the growing pains! Growing pains are often caused by irritation to the growth plate of a bone. This is the softer part of the bone from where it grows. In the heel, it is often an area running parallel to the back of the foot, about 1-2cm in. Squeezing this site from both sides will elicit pain, and is an indication that the child may be suffering from growing pains in the heel, known as Sever’s disease. Other common sites are the inside of the arch and the front of the knee. Masterton Foot Clinic manage all forms of growing pains in the legs and feet. For more information, read Growth plate injuries in the young teenage foot


Plantar Warts


What’s that lump on my child’s foot? Warts, otherwise known as verrucae, are caused by a contagious virus, the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are best treated early, while they are small in size and number. At Masterton Foot Clinic we use gentle methods such as liquid nitrogen application to treat the wart. For stubborn or chronic warts, we also offer blunt dissection under local anaesthetic – a once-only treatment. For more information click here: Plantar Warts


Unexpected Foot Variations Through The Early Years


By the time kids are born, they’ll have already undergone a large part of their development within the womb. This development sometimes results in variations or deformities, such as clubfoot. At birth, your child is screened for these variations by a trained doctor. In situations of persistent or residual deformity, podiatrists will assist with such things as prescription of foot orthotics, gait training and ongoing monitoring.


Over time, as your child grows, they may also develop in-toeing, out-toeing, having knocked-knees, bowed legs, or other conditions. Here at Masterton Foot Clinic, we are experienced in treating these conditions and diagnosing problems with children’s feet and legs. Our goal is to enable kids to lead active lives and stay healthy and happy. 




In-toeing describes the position where the feet angle in towards one another. While it may be normal while your child is first learning to walk, it should not be causing them to regularly fall and injure themselves. This is especially important as they become confident on their feet and run very quickly, and start participating in sports. We have solutions for in-toeing, from special children’s orthotics called gait plates, to stretching exercises and more.


To learn more about how in-toeing is treated using gait plates, click here.