Toe Pain

Having pain at or beneath your toes can make it difficult to walk, wear shoes and live comfortably. Yet it is common because our feet take on a large amount of weight and pressure when we walk, especially when that pressure moves to the ball of the foot and our toes right before our foot leaves the ground during gait. Paired with the trauma our toes can suffer from kicking a ball, stubbing our toes, having our feet stepped on or dropping something on our toes and there is a lot that can go wrong and cause pain for our toes and forefoot.


Toe pain is a problem our podiatrists take seriously because we know the painful and damaging effects it can have on your life – particularly if it involves toe deformities like hammertoes or bunions. As such, our experienced podiatrists take extreme care to promptly assess and diagnose your source of foot pain, and then implement a tailored treatment plan to optimise your recovery.


To learn more about the common causes of toe pain that we see or treat, click on the conditions below or hover over the ‘toe pain’ section on our services menu.