Orthotic Therapy

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics (or orthoses) are custom shoe insoles that have specific functions that help treat pains and problems in the feet, ankles and legs. These functions will vary depending on your problems – much like prescription glasses – but can include correcting flat feet, heel pain, leg length differences, arthritic pain and reducing end-of-day aches and tiredness.


More than fixing problems and pains, we also use orthotics to improve performance and endurance during sports, optimise your output in your daily life and also reduce the likelihood of future problems developing that you may be susceptible to developing.

We Offer Three Types of Orthotics

We prescribe three types of orthotics based on the problem you’re experiencing, the goal that you’re wanting to achieve, and what we’ve found works best for our patients.


1. Custom Designed Orthotics

Custom-designed orthotics are very carefully thought out and prescribed by your Podiatrist – right down to the last millimetre. They’re prescribed following a thorough biomechanical examination of your feet and a mould/impression of the feet being taken so we know the precise location of all the bones, joints and muscles whose function we plan to adjust to produce the best outcomes in the shortest timeframe. 


2. Prefabricated Orthotics

We have a variety of prefabricated orthotics available that have been pre-made with specific features, such as cushioning, shock absorption, arch support and more. These are used in cases where the best outcome for your feet can be achieved by the function of that specific orthotic, such as reducing foot and leg tiredness at the end of a long workday by improving the shock absorption through the heel and foot.


3. Custom Ankle Foot Orthotics (Braces)

Ankle-Foot Orthoses are custom-made for your foot and have design features that are medically proven to help with a variety of conditions, including drop foot and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTDD). Scroll down to read more about our AFO’s below.

Unsure Which Is Type Is Right For You?

Don’t worry – this is our speciality. After your comprehensive assessment, your Podiatrist will advise you on which will deliver the best results for you and the pros and cons of both. Just sit back and relax!


Generally, we prescribe custom orthotics for chronic or long-term problems, or where the orthotic must be very precise in its function. These orthotics can last 5-10 years.


Prefabricated orthotics are then better suited to acute conditions, like a one-off accident or injury where the orthotic will be used for a shorter timeframe to facilitate healing and repair.


If you’ve got any further questions about orthotics and your feet, just give our friendly team a call on 06 3704057.

Our Guarantee To You


We are founded on our values, and your satisfaction with our services. If you’re not completely satisfied with your custom orthotics after six weeks of consistent use, we will replace, alter or refund the cost of your orthotics. That’s our guarantee to you

Ankle-Foot Orthoses (Braces)

Our custom ankle braces, or ankle-foot orthoses (AFO’s), are not as you know them. Throw out any misconception of large, chunky devices that make it unnecessarily difficult to move around.


Our range of Arizona braces are slimline, look great, feel great and are making significant improvements to the lives of our patients when it comes to comfort, pain and mobility


We also have the innovative exo-brace range: the EXO-L brace that is proven to prevent ankle sprains, and the EXO-L UP brace for foot drop.

Footwear Modifications

Your feet are unique – and at times, your shoes need to be too. Whether you have a wide forefoot from a bunion, have a limb length difference that can be corrected with your shoes or would benefit from a rocker-bottom sole to help you walk smoothly, we’ve got you covered. 


These seemingly small modifications make a world of difference to our patients and their level of comfort on their feet.


Learn more about our footwear modifications here.

Covered by ACC

Masterton Foot Clinic has in place an orthotics contract with ACC. This means that if orthotics are indicated as necessary for your recovery following an accident, and you meet the ACC eligibility criteria, the cost of your orthotics may be fully covered.

Orthotics Page FAQ’s


Which shoes can I wear my orthotics in?

Most shoes with a removable innersole can accommodate orthotics – but always bring yours in so we can check. We’ll always adjust your orthotics to best fit your shoes.


Can I move my orthotics between different pairs of shoes?

Yes, often you can – presuming the shoes you’re wanting to move them between can accommodate orthotics and the width, length and toe box shape aren’t drastically different. We’ll tell you what you can expect when you bring your shoes in.


How long will my orthotics last?

Our custom orthotics last for approximately 5 years. Of course, this will vary from person to person depending on how often you wear them, how much force is placed on them from the activities you’re doing, the materials they’re made from, and the like. We recommend having an orthotic check every year to ensure they’re still giving you the best support and control.

For our pre-fabricated, non-custom orthotics, these last approximately 3-6 months.


How long does it take to make my custom foot orthotics?

From the day we conduct your assessment to prescribe your orthotics, the average time to have them ready for you is between 2 weeks.


Do I have to wear orthotics for the rest of my life?

No, having a pair of orthotics does not mean you must wear them every day for the rest of your life. If you’ve been prescribed orthotics because of an injury or problem, then we recommend wearing your orthotics as often as possible until the problem resolves and your injury heals. After that, we recommend wearing them whenever you’re exercising or spending long days on your feet to help reduce your risk of re-injury.

If you’re wearing orthotics to improve your comfort or stability on your feet, then you’ll get those benefits every time you’ve got your orthotics on – much like how prescription glasses only work while you’re wearing them. In this case, we recommend continuing to wear your orthotics whenever you’re going to spend long periods on your feet and want that support.


Are your orthotics the same that I can get from the chemist?

The best way to compare our orthotics to pharmacy footbeds is to compare prescription glasses from your optometrist to the standard glasses you get from the supermarket. Are they both called ‘glasses’? Yes. Are they incredibly different and have a very different outcome for you? Also yes – and even more so with orthotics.


I have orthotics from another clinic but they haven’t worked for me. Are yours different?

Yes, every pair of custom foot orthotics is different. This is because custom foot orthotics require a unique scan of your feet, and a unique prescription that uses the knowledge and expertise of your prescribing podiatrist. So the end result will be different depending on where it was prescribed and by whom. 

Here at Masterton Foot Clinic, foot orthotics are one of our key areas of expertise, and an area where we excel. We take 3D scans of your feet and use decades of experience to create your prescription. Once they’re ready and in the clinic, we make adjustments to them based on how your feet sit and function in them, and the shoes you wear. Over time, as your symptoms change and injuries heal, we can also adjust your orthotics to best match where you’re at with your feet.


How do I wear in my orthotics?

As orthotics change the way your feet are positioned and the way they move, we recommend a gradual increase in the time spent wearing them as opposed to going straight to 24/7. This gives you a gentle ‘wear-in period’.

Start with one hour in your orthotics the first day, and keep increasing an hour every subsequent day. When your time is up, remove the orthotics from your shoes and replace your original foot beds. Once you can spend 8 hours comfortably in your orthotics, you can stop removing them from your shoes.


I love my orthotics and want a second pair, what should I do?

Call us and let us know. If you’d like your second pair to be identical to your first, we can use the same prescription to create an identical set for you, provided not too much time passed that may have changed the characteristics of your feet. We can take your payment over the phone and let you know when your orthotics have arrived to fit them. Identical pairs are charged at a discounted rate as we’ve already done the work to assess you and create your prescription.

If your circumstances have changed, like you’ve developed new foot pain, have had foot surgery, or a significant length of time has passed since your prescription, you will likely need to be reassessed to get a new pair of orthotics. This is because we want your orthotics to be doing the best by your feet and giving you the most support, which won’t be the case if your feet have changed. A new scan and reassessment mean your orthotics will give you better comfort and results.


I got a new pair of shoes that I’d love to wear my orthotics in but the toe box is a very different shape to my normal shoes so it doesn’t fit. What should I do?

Book an appointment and bring your shoes. In the first instance, we’ll try adjusting the forefoot of the orthotic so they’ll be able to fit both your new pair and original pair comfortably. If this isn’t possible, we’ll recommend getting a second pair made to perfectly fit your new shoes, which we can offer at a discounted rate.


Can I buy a pair of orthotics without an assessment?

You can get a pair of prefabricated orthotics from our selection. In most cases, we do recommend that you have your feet assessed by a podiatrist first, as both your feet and our prefabricated orthotics are different, so we feel that it’s in your best interests to get what’s right for you the first time, which is done through an assessment. 

You cannot get a pair of custom foot orthotics without a prescription as they are designed and created uniquely for your feet, based on the characteristics of your feet and the goals we have for the orthotics. 


What if my orthotics don’t work for me?

At Masterton Foot Clinic, we’re confident in our orthotics – so we guarantee them. If you’re not completely satisfied with your custom orthotics after six weeks of consistent use (as directed by your podiatrist), we will either replace or alter your orthotics (to get the results you want), or refund the cost of your orthotics.

This means that you can feel confident that your orthotics will help achieve the goal we set – whether that’s to help you feel more comfortable when you walk, assist in the repair of an injured tissue, offload a painful area, or something else.


What’s the difference between an orthotic, an insole and a foot bed?

‘Orthotic’ to us indicates a professional medical device, whereas foot beds indicate more of a comfort cushion for the feet like you can buy from the supermarket, and an insole indicates the standard inner that comes in the shoe. As most people don’t know the difference, these terms will be used interchangeably without recognising the distinct medical difference for orthotics. It’s much like saying you’ve got glasses, without recognising whether they’re prescription glasses from the optometrist or simple reading glasses from the supermarket.

Will orthotics fix my foot pain?

We see a lot of foot pain where orthotics are a key component of the successful treatment, which leads to full injury repair and hence moving without pain. With that said, orthotics rarely act alone, and no podiatrist or other health professional can claim that orthotics will definitely fix foot pain due to its incredibly variable and diverse nature, with hundreds of potential causes, many of which are under your control. 


Do orthotics really work?

Yes, though it’s worthwhile mentioning that not all orthotics are the same and the custom orthotics we prescribe are very different to the pharmacy insoles (“orthotics”) that many people use for some cushioning or support, even if they have words like “heel pain treatment” on them. These products are made of the same material and follow a one-size-fits-all approach, whereas we know that your feet are unique, and so is your injury. That’s why our orthotics are different and we see the results we do.

We use orthotics on a daily basis to help control the alignment and function of the foot and alleviate pressure from injured areas so that they have a chance to heal and repair – something they often don’t have a chance to do otherwise when you’re on your feet all day.

Our orthotics are entirely custom-made from a comprehensive assessment, many measurements, and a 3D foot scan.


Do orthotics hurt?

Not at all – once your feet are used to your orthotics, they should help you feel comfortable and well supported on your feet. All custom orthotics do have a standard wearing-in period of 1-2 weeks to help your feet adjust to a new way of sitting and working inside of your shoe. Your podiatrist will go through this with you but it starts with wearing your orthotics for only one hour, then increasing by an hour each day until you can wear them for a full day comfortably.