Leg Pain

Having leg pain can make the days drag on, make you count down the hours to leave work, and generally take the enjoyment out of the activities that you’d normally love. Your legs carry your entire weight all day every day, often across a variety of harsh or challenging terrains. When we’re physically active, our legs are pushed to work even harder, making us vulnerable to a range of pains and injuries.


As the legs are complex structures containing many compartments, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and tissues, getting the right diagnosis for a leg injury is crucial to ensuring you get the right, timely treatment for your pain or problem. 


Our experienced podiatrists take leg pain very seriously, taking extreme care to promptly assess and diagnose your source of pain or dysfunction, and then implement a tailored treatment plan to optimise your recovery.


To learn more about the common causes of leg pain that we see or treat, click on the conditions below or hover over the ‘leg pain’ section on our services menu.