EXO-L UP Brace For Foot Drop


The EXO-L UP is the #1 solution for patients with foot drop and other neurological conditions that cause weakness at the foot and ankle. 


If you find it difficult to point your toes upwards to lift your foot so that it doesn’t hit the ground when you walk, this brace is absolutely for you. In today’s world of modern medicine, it still baffles us how many people have been told that there’s nothing more that can be done for them aside from putting them in a large, clunky brace that is difficult to walk in, doesn’t fit their shoes, and can even throw off their balance.  In many cases, there is significant weakening of the muscles in the feet and ankles, meaning the heavier weight of a standard brace just adds to the problem. It’s frustrating, it’s disheartening, and it’s discouraging when it comes to moving around and physical activity.


While there may have been no other option previously, the EXO-L UP has been a gamechanger for our patients since we introduced it mid-2021. We’ve been finding it life-changing and movement-changing for people that have:



  • Cerebral palsy
  • Lumbar nerve injuries or other nerve injuries to their feet or legs that result in drop foot
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Nerve injuries (can occur from sports, surgeries and even postural problems)


About The Brace


The EXO-L UP is an extension of the original 3D-scanned and 100% custom-made EXO-L brace. It fits your feet and shoes perfectly, is recommended by doctors, physios and podiatrists, and is effective in helping people of all ages get back to an active lifestyle – whatever that looks like to them.


We love this brace because it’s smaller and lighter than anything out there on the market. It’s discreet, easy-to-use and works with you, your feet and your shoes – instead of you having to make changes to work in with the brace. It’s adjustable to get the fit perfect – and it means you can change the level of control as your circumstances change.


Getting an EXO-L UP brace starts with an appointment for a foot and ankle scan, as well as a consultation to make sure that the brace can help you get the result you want. We’ll always advise you if we don’t think it will be a good fit for you, or won’t deliver the results you’re hoping for. 


Book your appointment for a EXO-L or EXO-L UP consult here.


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I don’t think that I have foot drop but I do often trip over my toes when walking. Can the EXO-L UP brace still help me?

Absolutely. The EXO-L UP helps keep your foot upwards as you’re walking and so helps you clear the ground, which will help if you’re finding you’re regularly tripping up on your toes.


How is the EXO-L UP brace custom-made?

In order to make the EXO-L UP brace, we take a 3D scan of your foot and ankle to ensure a perfect fit. We pair this with a careful and comprehensive assessment of your foot, and this information is translated and collated by your podiatrist to create a unique prescription for the brace, which is then sent overseas to be uniquely manufactured.


What kind of shoes should I be wearing the brace with?

The brace sits around the back of your ankle and attaches to your shoes, so the two work together. We recommend wearing a supportive and comfortable shoe, and ideally, one that is lightweight. If you’re planning on getting a new pair of shoes, we can give you recommendations on the best shoes to match your foot type at your appointment. Then you can purchase the shoes before your next appointment and bring them along when the brace arrives so we can fit it to your shoes.


How can the EXO-L UP be so slim when other braces are so large?

While other foot drop braces act as one big clunky device, the EXO-L UP works together with your shoe to give it everything you need to effectively prevent the effects of foot drop as you walk. Its slimline design is due to both this – as well as careful and thoughtful innovation in the design and functionality of the brace.


How often should I be wearing the brace?

Whenever you want to benefit from its effects of lifting the forefoot and helping your foot clear the ground when walking. For a lot of people, they choose to wear it throughout the day because they feel much better in it.


How quickly do I get my brace?

It takes approximately three weeks to receive your brace. This allows for the design phase to occur in Holland, then for it to be printed in Australia, and shipped to our clinic.


Is the EXO-L UP brace covered by health insurance?

This depends on your level of cover, so we recommend checking with your provider. Query them as to whether they cover ‘orthotics’.


Is the EXO-L UP brace covered by ACC?

We do have some EXO-L UP braces covered by ACC, but this is at their discretion. If ACC deems you and your injury eligible, then you may be covered. This is something you will need to discuss with one of our podiatrists and we will need to fill in the required paperwork to apply.


Have you got any photos or videos of the EXO-L UP brace in action?

Yes! You can see the foot drop brace in action in a before-and-after sequence in our clinic here.