Permanently Fixing Ingrown Toenails in Under An Hour – Here’s How!

Permanently Fixing Ingrown Toenails in Under An Hour – Here’s How!

Ingrown toenails are painful, frustrating, and can wreak havoc on our day-to-day lives when they start playing up. If you think it’s just you that puts up with this every six months or so – you’re definitely not alone. We perform over 100 of these nail surgeries each year, as well as provide conservative care for even more patients – making us the Wairarapa region’s experts in managing this painful and all-too-common condition.


When it comes to treating ingrown toenails, there are two distinct categories of treatment in podiatry: Conservative care and Surgical correction.


Conservative Care

Conservative care means that we remove the troublesome nail edge that has penetrated the skin down the side of the nail and is continuing to grow in and cause you trouble with every step you take. It’s simple, relatively quick, usually not done under anaesthetic so there may be a little bit of discomfort that is quickly followed by a lot of relief.

While this is a great option to relieve pain for those with first-time ingrown toenails, this does not permanently correct the nail or stop it from coming back again.

Surgical Correction

Surgical correction means that we complete a minor nail surgery to both remove the bothersome nail edge and importantly, apply a chemical that’ll stop that particular edge growing back! If you tend to get worried about the term ‘surgery’, you can relax. This small procedure is done within an hour at our clinic in your regular podiatry chair and all under local anaesthetic so you don’t feel a thing. Here’s a timelapse of the procedure being completed here at Masterton Foot Clinic: (warning: discretion is advised, this is the actual procedure with no censoring)




We cannot recommend this procedure highly enough as the best solution for ingrown toenails. It:

  • Permanently corrects ingrown toenails in one procedure
  • Is performed simply and safely in-clinic
  • Is completed within 60 minutes, which includes preparing and anaesthetising the foot toe as well as dressing the toe after the procedure is complete
  • Performed under local anaesthetic so is pain-free
  • Does not require you to take any additional time off work/school following the procedure and you can go home immediately
  • Does not require you to wear any special boots or braces while the toe heals
  • Causes very little post-procedure discomfort, however, painkillers can be taken should discomfort arise


If you want to know more about this corrective procedure and if it’s the right treatment for your ingrown toenail, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 06 370 4057 or you can book online here. Our team at Masterton Foot Clinic are experts in this field and have decades of experience behind us. To learn more about ingrown toenails and why they occur, click here.