We Guarantee Our Orthotics

We Guarantee Our Orthotics

We’ve been keeping a secret. Well, sort of. You see, for as long as we can remember, our orthotics have always come with a guarantee. We’ve always let our patients with orthotics know about it, but it dawned on us recently that it’s not something we advertise – and we should. 

We understand the uncertainty that comes with a medical product or procedure. You *want* it to work and relieve your symptoms, or achieve your goal, but there’s no guarantee. Orthotics are no exception. 

You see, every clinic may prescribe their orthotics differently. Some may choose to use pre-made orthotics with no modifications to achieve result x, while others will take their years of knowledge and experience to prescribe custom orthotics to achieve the same result. Some may select a firm orthotic material, while others may select a softer material, or a dual-layer material, and so on.

Due to these variations, as well as with pharmacies and supermarkets bringing out their own version of “orthotics”, we understand that patients may be hesitant when their neighbour’s $30 supermarket orthotics didn’t relieve their pain.

Unlike orthotics that assume that your foot is an ‘average’ foot, just like everyone else’s that will fit a one-shape orthotic, our custom orthotics are different. They are made from an intricate 3D scan of your feet. They are prescribed with almost two decades of lower limb experience and knowledge. This is exactly why we’re more than happy to guarantee this service.


We guarantee your satisfaction with your orthotics

If you’re not completely satisfied with your custom orthotics after six weeks of consistent use (as directed by your podiatrist), we will either replace your orthotics or alter your orthotics (to get the results you want), or refund the cost of your orthotics.

This means that you can feel confident that your orthotics will help achieve the goal we set out on – whether that’s to help you feel more comfortable when you walk, assist in the repair of an injured tissue, offload a painful area, or something else.


Why we offer this guarantee

We offer this guarantee because we are founded on your satisfaction with our services and our values, including that we do what we say, sometimes more, never less. So, this guarantee is one of the ways that we live our values in our practice. We are confident in the services that we provide – and so are willing to back ourselves with this guarantee.


Want to take us up on our offer?

If you’re experiencing problems with your feet or legs, or have needed a new pair of orthotics but have felt hesitant, come in, see our team, and take us up on our offer. You can book your appointment online here or call us on (06) 370 4057